Sunday, July 8, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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You can also find me today at Kaye Barley's Meanderings and Muses blog, talking about the pleasures of writing.

Enjoy your week!

Why Children's Publishing Needs Freelance Editors Now: @pubperspectives

Libraries See Budgets Drop: ALA Report: @galleycat

Finding Names that Capture Your Characters: @diymfa

Can Writing in Multiple Genres Hurt Your Sales Potential? @goblinwriter

Why The Deepest Lessons Take Time To Absorb: @jmcaddell

7 Reasons to Quit Balking & Start Blogging: @SoberBoots

How To Publish Your Book On The Kindle And iPad: @bubblecow

Myths About Traditional Publishing:

5 Stages of Editing Grief: @LyndaRYoung

Self Published Authors are Amateurs – Or Not: @passivevoiceblg

Your ebook is reading *you*: @wsj

Writing in between: Too much God for the general market, not enough for the Christian market: @novelrocket

What Do We "Owe" New Writers? @jamigold My interview on @JeffRutherford 's podcast covering my publishing story & thoughts on various social media for promo: Plotting twists in crime fiction: @LauraHoward78 @HartJohnson Find the magic in your everyday world to set your story apart: @LubaLesychyn Why aren't more publishers embracing digital publishing innovations? @Porter_Anderson The data-gathering power of digital formats--that writers/publishers can't access: @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin Should authors insist contracts stipulate library availability for ebooks? @Porter_Anderson @rachellegardner @naypinya Messing up your story's denouement murders your characters: @p2p_editor Richard Russo--still not putting his money where his mouth is: @Porter_Anderson @Canfield_AP @JDGsaid @jeffjohnroberts

Don't query until your book is done: @behlerpublish

Even editors need an editor: @p2p_editor

To MFA or Not To MFA: @4YALit @diymfa

Blog tour tips: @kalayna

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more: @AngelaAckerman

The snowflake method's 10 step process for writing a novel: @bubblecow

Writing--when should you give it up?

How to blog a book of poetry: @NinaAmir

Adding a Sense of Place to Our Writing:

Creative Contagion: Setting Sparks, Catching Fire: @emilywenstrom

Blackmail App for Writers: @JasonBoog

How to Maximize eBook Royalties and Minimize Hassles: @RayRhamey

Crafting Natural-Sounding Internal Thoughts: @Janice_Hardy

How to write a scary scene: @stdennard

The Power of a Deadline...The Importance of a Goal:

Author Blogging 101: Keyword Basics: @JFBookman

Writing Great Characters: @mooderino

Parenthetical Punctuation: @writing_tips

Zen and the Art of GoodReads: @blurbisaverb

Publishing Options: Knowing the Best Choice: @behlerpublish

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

20 quotations on writing: @rebeccaschinsky

Finding The Character Within: @KateMessner

Yeah, e-books are great — but libraries are in a tough spot: @laurahazardowen

5 Critical Things to Make a YA Story Stand Out: @nelsaroberto

Who will care about what we've written? @dirtywhitecandy

How to create an animated ebook cover: @KSAugustin

Writing Highly Intelligent Characters and Points-of-View:

Tips for freshening up your character descriptions: @MargieLawson

4 Keys to Writing Un-Put-Down-Able Middle Grade Adventure: @ChuckSambuchino

6 standard types of antagonists and their uses: @RachelLarow

10 tips for self-editing: @bubblecow

How Content Analysis Makes Your Book Engaging to the Reader:

Too Much Interior Monologue? @Janice_Hardy

Twitter marketing for authors who don't get it: @LauraPepWu

72 great quotations on writing: @writersdigest

How to Create a Different Kind of Antagonist:

Are You Writing Your Novel Too Fast? @KMWeiland

Inspiration and the "Yeah, but…": @March_Mia

Resources & Thoughts On Character Naming: @BryanThomasS

5 Reasons To Build Your Writer Platform: @chucksambuchino

What Is The Best Genre To Write If You Want To Get Published? @bubblecow

16 Tips on How to Survive and Thrive as a Writer: @livewritethrive

How agents choose the best publisher for a project: @rachellegardner

Writing Scenes That Work: @storyfix

11 reasons writers get rejected--and why only 3 of them matter: @annerallen @ruthharrisbooks

Are You Telegraphing Your Plot? @Janice_Hardy

10 Quick Tips to Get Your Manuscript Ready for Self-Publication: @JFBookman

Choosing Your Point of View: @Janice_Hardy @DonnaGalanti

Winning over an editor – using comparisons to prove your book's raison d'ĂȘtre: @behlerpublish

How to Get Rid of Writer's Block, Pixar Style: @joebunting

Writing--Fighting Distractions: @JillKemerer

One Reason Your Blog Posts Aren't Getting Any Comments: @pushingsocial

Tips for writing like a pro: @ava_jae

4 Query Resources: @sierragodfrey

Proofreading Marks You're Unlikely to See from Your Editor: @fuelyourwriting

Using Dialogue Tags and Punctuation Properly: @CMKaufman

5 Common Writing Mistakes That Bloggers Make – and How to Fix Them:

Facing the dreaded 2nd draft:

Making Heroes Heroic–Why Flaws are Important: @KristenLambTX

How to be a bloody awful writer: @jammer0501

The New World of Publishing: Book Pricing from Another Perspective: @deanwesleysmith

Write from your specialty: @JulietteWade

For Those Who Fear Failing As a Writer: @krissybrady

3 Things to Look for in a Critique Community: @diymfa

Unusual Inspiration: Character Arcs Made Easy: @FaeRowen

Unusual Inspiration: Character Arcs Made Easy: @FaeRowen

20 Easy Ways Readers Can Help Promote a Book: @jodyhedlund

The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups: @GrammarGirl

Should You Send Your Book To An Agent Before It's Finished? @bubblecow

Author Visits by Skype:

1 trad. published author's self-pubbed adventure (with Create Space): @junglereds @rosemaryharris1

The Best #BadWritingTips: @rebeccaschinsky

Twitter abuse: Gain followers the right way: @rebeccaberto

3 productivity tricks:

5 Things Mad Men Can Teach You About Publishing:

Use S.C.A.M.P.E.R. to improve your writing:

Crafting Multi-Layered Characters: @4YALit

Grammar: Neither, nor, or: @howtowriteshop

Using beats in a scene:

3 Tips for Writing Heavy Emotional Scenes: @JamiGold

How to Tackle Critique Notes: @CarleenBrice

Writing 2 books at once: @PBRWriter

5 Elements of Storytelling: @joebunting

Critique vs. Discussion: What Kind of Feedback Do You Need? @DIYMFA

If You Only Learn From Writers, You're Doing It Wrong: @fuelyourwriting

Free Writing & Self-Publishing Tools: @duolit

That--frequently a needless filler word: @KMWeiland

Tips for making a book trailer: @beth_barany

Differing approaches to worldbuilding: @litreactor @rajanyk

Parallels in Music & Writing: @christi_craig

Writing endings with readers in mind:

Using the past to inspire fiction--historical instances of cannibalism: @genelempp

7 Ways to Intensify Crisis Scenes:

Functions Determine Plot: @fictionnotes

How long until you follow up on a query? @nicolamorgan

Can You Plagiarize Yourself? Conversations about Copyright: @fictionnotes

Methods of engaging your readers online: @duolit

The Art and Power Of Interviews: @BarbaraOneal

How to Write Productively: @FriesenPress

How to Spot Mary Sue in Your Writing: @ava_jae

Choosing the Road Less Taken (With Your Characters): @Kris10Callihan @janice_hardy

Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers: @jasonboog @galleycat

The end of ebook development: @passivevoiceblg

Creating emotional resonance in your final scenes:

Are you undervaluing your book? @behlerpublish

Men Still Dominate Bylines And Book Titles: @litreactor @dave_reuss

How To Write A Successful Book Proposal: @bubblecow

Narcissism in crime fiction: @clarissadraper

Top 10 fairy fictions: @guardianbooks

DRM encourages a community of pirates: