Sunday, July 1, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Have a great week!

Finding Balance Among Opposites in the Creative Process: @cjtreggett @PatrickRwrites

Increase the Chances of Your Book Becoming a Breakout Hit: @janefriedman

Can Writers Earn a Living Writing Just One Book a Year? @jodyhedlund

Making History Appealing to Teen Readers: @janice_hardy @kalongshore

Digital reading is social, but needs improvement: @criticalmargins

5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make: @writersdigest

Using real people in fiction: @beth_barany

An editorial director answers publishing questions: @behlerpublish

Writing YA: Capturing the Teen Voice: @diymfa

The Beauty of Low-tech Blogging:

The Blogger's Essential WordPress Guide: 13 Tutorials: @problogger

Authenticity of Voice:

Accomplish Your Writing Goals: Make a Schedule and Meet Your Deadlines: @writersdigest

Alliteration and Repetition: @eMergentPublish

Pen Name: How To Create Yours:

Changes in crime fiction through the years: @mkinberg

The Vacation Writing Balancing Act: @TaliaVance

Finding Themes in a Brainstorm: @livewritethrive

8 publishing landmines and 8 tips for dealing with them: @KatieGanshert

Cover letter dos and don'ts: @nicolamorgan

An agent on movie deals: @SaraMegibow

5 Mistakes Of New Fiction Writers: @thecreativepenn

A list of free stock photo sites: @NinaAmir

Should you give your antagonist a POV? @KMWeiland

11 Questions to Turn a Target Market into a Reader Profile: @duolit

2 Questions That Will Stunt a Writer's Progress: @christi_craig

The pre-conference query: @literaticat

10 myths about introverts: @carlking

7 "You Know What I Meant" Mistakes: @writing_tips

Layers of emotion in our writing: @Kid_Lit

How to Survive the Query Wars: @ava_jae

Where Is Your Character Going? @jacobkrueger

Showing vs. telling: @writersdigest

3 elements in a successful query: @msheatherwebb @janice_hardy

10 Tips for a Terrific Antagonist: @howtowriteshop

Find the talisman in your book: @diymfa

Using Setting as a Character: a Tip for Novelists: @MaryLuTyndall

The Universal Fairy Tale: @storyfix

The escaping character problem: @litreactor

Investment vs. Payoff: Is Blogging Worth the Time? @roniloren

For Publishers, The Long Term Is the Only Race Worth Winning: @pubperspectives

Time-related demands on the modern writer: @jodyhedlund

40 Irregular Verbs That Can End in "-t": @writing_tips

Why you should be a writer: @sarahahoyt

Your freelance career--how to get and stay organized:

1 editor's revision process: @sjaejones

Can Writers Earn a Living Writing Just One Book a Year? @jodyhedlund

The Secret Myth of Traditional Publishing: @deanwesleysmith

Setting International Prices for Ebooks: @passivevoiceblg

What to look for in a beta reader: @jamigold

Thinking Outside the Box for Book Tour Events with Indie Bookstores: @LaurHarrington

Academic publishing: The essential checklist for ebook authors: @guardianbooks

If You're Consuming Too Much Then You're Creating Too Little: @originalimpulse

Making Audio Books From Your Novels: @beth_barany

Write or Die--the app: @woodwardkaren

Writing Suspense In Science Fiction and Fantasy: @rodriguez_linda @BryanThomasS

World-building: The Hooks of Magic in Your Book: @HP4Writers @4YALit

Introducing Nora A. Roberts, Poacher: @passivevoiceblg

Most manuscripts benefit from a judicious edit: @guardianbooks

Building A Home Base As An Author: @nickthacker

Mythology in Urban Fantasy: @fantasyfaction

Three Critique Questions to Ask Beta Readers: @writersdigest @Courtney_WD

6 misunderstandings about author royalties: @curiosityquills

Performing the Invasive Edit:

6 Advantages of a Professional Newsletter: @authorems

So You Want to Be Funny: A Guide to Pumping Irony: @gripemaster @BTMargins

5 tips for writing a thriller: @writersdigest

Lit magazine news: @BTMargins

Converting backstory into character: @theresastevens

Substance vs. Style: Fanfare for the Common Word: @JulieWuAuthor

Genre Fiction – Popular Through Time: @jhansenwrites

4 Tips to Improve Confidence During a Video Interview: @sparkhire

A look at a library assistant's day: @LauraEWardle

The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing:

Trademark Is Not a Verb: Guidelines From a Trademark Lawyer: @janefriedman

Book Promotion: 5 Tips for Introverts:

What Conflict Is and Isn't in Writing a Romance Novel: @Courtney_WD

Tips for Fixing Episodic Chapters: @Janice_Hardy

Your Protagonist Must Decide: @joebunting

Tapping into Your Character's Biggest Fear: @PBRWriter

5 signs you're about to land an agent: @internspills

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Author Website? @duolit @nickthacker

Public Speaking – Tapping Into Your Inner Hambone: @behlerpublish

20 techniques to counter blogger's block: @YouthWorkinIt

November a busy month for you? Consider JulNoWrimo in July: @julnowrimo

If We Remember More, Can We Read Deeper– and Create Better? @mkonnikova

Lessons Learned from Wrangling with the Impossible Book: @Anna_Elliott

30 Things You Should Not Share On Social Media: @jeffbullas

Alfred Hitchcock: from silent film director to inventor of modern horror: @guardianbooks

Connecting to Readers With Your Memoir: @Janice_Hardy

4 of the Best iPad Apps for Writers: @ShariJStauch

15 Stock Characters — and How to Restock Them: @writing_tips

7 Networking Tips for Authors: @thecreativepenn @chrisrobley

Don't Imprison Readers in a Character's Head: @noveleditor

3 Tips To Heighten Story Tension:

Conflict Creation: The Needs Of Your Characters: @woodwardkaren

Going beyond Critique: Structuring Feedback to Best Help Your Writing:

Why It's Good to Create a Bad Writing Platform: @krissybrady

Book Readings: Bar vs. Bookstore: @BrandonTietz

Seth Godin's Kickstarter project & what it says about the industry: @ByRozMorris @DanBlank @Porter_Anderson

Using Your Self-Publishing Success to Find an Agent: @goblinwriter @LisMock

Why reviewers won't read your self-pubbed books: @gavreads

5-Step plan to selling ebooks: @dmcgowanauthor

History, Worldbuilding, and Bricolage: @bookviewcafe

Agent Research-- QueryTracker: @JemiFraser @writeangleblog

The Top 25 Ways to Blow a Book: @KMWeiland

Takeaways from Downtown Abbey from bestselling authors: @JungleReds

Deep Point of View: @KatieGanshert

5 Ways Writing Seriously Has Changed the Way 1 Writer Does Things: @franticsimple

Letter to a writer who is losing confidence: @dirtywhitecandy

DRM encourages a community of pirates: @Porter_Anderson @jwikert @fakebaldur @timoreilly

Richard Russo--still not putting his money where his mouth is: @Porter_Anderson @Canfield_AP @JDGsaid @jeffjohnroberts

3 Facebook Timeline Marketing Tips for Success: @SMExaminer

If You Can't Read More, Read Better: @fuelyourwriting

Your acknowledgments page--a list of people to thank: @mybookshepherd

The 8 Ps of Being a Writer:

What Can Trade Publishers Learn from Fanfiction? @pubperspectives

Embracing Technology - Word Is Not Your Enemy: @authorterryo

Tips for being more creative: @thecreativepenn @PhilSouth

7 Simple Ways to Make a Good Story Great: @esimsauthor

Taking Your Writing from Paper to the Big Screen: @JulieBMack

Ramp Up The Fight To Amp Up The Tension: @jhansenwrites

3 Myths About Villains: @angelaackerman

Tips for fast writing: @junglereds

Writing a Mystery Novel: Creating a Villain & 5 Ways To Justify a Crime: @writersdigest

Top 10 Literary Quotes from The Simpsons: @NewDorkReview

Fifty Shades of Worry: @thefuturebook

International Writers on the Tyranny of Big Languages: @pubperspectives

Inconvenient Truths of Our Own Writing: @BTMargins

Are Ghostwriting Services for You? @howtowriteshop

How to create an online media kit: @BookMarketer

How to Improve Your Story With Specificity: @kmweiland

3 Steps to Pinpoint Your Readers' Favorite Hangouts: @duolit

Fresh Ways to Handle Blog Criticism: @problogger

How Michael Chabon Uses Suspense in Literary Fiction: @litreactor @cdrosales